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Hello, I'm Chris Aerfeldt (pronounced Air-felt). I was born in Australia of Estonian parents and now live in the south of France.

I grew up feeling invisible and overlooked.

As a hyper-sensitive, anxious child, and craving to be seen, I tried to be the best at everything (school, art, singing, tennis). I thought that great accomplishments were the only goals of life. After years of anxiety and competing (I was the worst loser at kids' games), I finally understood that we are all precious just as we are.

As a child I needed to be seen and heard, so started making oil paintings in my dad's shed to express what I couldn't say out loud. 

For me, images speak louder and faster than words.

I choose to use things that are 'ordinary' as subjects, but then give them a kind of transformative 'makeover' -  turning daily events into grand narratives and my characters as heroes (like in history and mythological painting).

I like to find ways to turn bad into good.

I feel there is more depth and significance in the smaller, quiet moments of life than the dramatic ones. For me, these are the stuff of life - learning to experience the awe in the everyday.

Home is now Montpellier, in the south of France, where I mangle the French language less as time goes by. I cook a mean Thai curry.



  • Scholarship for full time studies, Adelaide Central School of Art
  • Awarded Samstag Scholarship to complete an MFA at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.
  • Collected by Charles Saatchi, David Roberts and The Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Work commissioned by The University of the Arts, London
  • Exhibited with galleries in London, Australia and France.

The 'official' bio


Chris Aerfeldt is an award-winning Australian born artist of Estonian parents.

After graduating in Art Education, she side-stepped into high-end fashion design and multi-store retail management before returning to her true passion.

She has won two scholarships - the first from Adelaide Central School of Art to undertake and Honours degree; followed by a highly prized Samstag Scholarship to complete an MFA at Chelsea College of Art in London.

Her work has been exhibited with galleries in Australia, the UK and France, and acquired by private and public collections, including Charles Saatchi, David Roberts, The University of the Arts London, Artbank and The Art Gallery of South Australia.

As well as painting, she produces series of photographs and digital works.

Home is now beautiful Montpellier in the south of France.