Artworks are investments

They will be around for future generations. They are not going away and will not need ‘updating’.

The paintings that leave the studio are hand made with loving care

Quality is important

Each painting is made from the highest quality archival oil pigments, solid timber stretchers and Belgian linen, or quality archival wood panels.

The oil that is used makes a difference to how a painting looks. Following the methods of old masters such as Velasquez, raw linseed oil is refined without applying heat. This oil is then thickened in the Mediterranean summer sun for several weeks, being stirred daily before it is filtered and ready to be used. It is mixed with the paint to produce an incredible richness of surface and translucency, without using any toxic solvents.

As a guide, artworks are valued as below -


Works are valued by size, small oil paintings (30 x 40 cm) starting at around 1,300 euros.

Larger canvases (over 1.5 metres) begin at around 8,000 euros

Limited edition archival photographs:

100 x 100  cm Diasec mounted (edition of 5)  2,900 euros

Aerfeldt Avalanche Knitter gallery

 Studio visits

The NEW Aerfeldt studio is located in Barcelona, Spain and special visits by appointment are available.