Glad you made it!


Welcome to the very first post on my brand new website.

 Thank you for taking the time to come by. I know your time is precious. In return I will do my utmost to make sure that there will be some truly worthwhile content here for you as time unfolds, not just be about my work (because it's not just about me) but I would like to be part of the larger conversation involving art and ideas in general.

I'm nervously excited about my upcoming solo exhibition at Castangalerie in the south of France, opening September 23. I am not usually so confident before a show and can't wait to see it in this stunning white space.


I have literally been working on some of the paintings for several years now. Not sure if I should be admitting this or not, but I often consider them finished and put them aside, only to pull them out again some months later to make improvements. On the other hand, things don't always go well and I am sometimes sorely tempted to throw them into the wheelie bin in exasperation, but mostly roll them up and heave them on top of a large wardrobe to hibernate for a year or two.  (Well, a few do end up in the bin.)

Two of the paintings in the upcoming exhibition were started as early as 2011. One was a definite candidate for the wheelie bin. Anyway, here I am in 2016 reworking them entirely and am finally satisfied.

In the past I was very nervous about exhibiting my work and felt exceedingly vulnerable. There seemed to be so much at stake and it was like having my body parts dripping from the walls, but I have recently revamped my attitude. Instead of seeing my art purely as self-expression I realise that it is an act of sharing. This feels a much better approach. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get to this point.

I used to feel vulnerable that my paintings were intensely personal (which they are), but I now understand that not allowing myself to be vulnerable is a bigger risk. We all have bad days as well as good days, feelings of self-doubt and struggles...

I am on a mission to help people feel that their lives matter and that they are significant, so am trusting that I can serve you by creating and sharing my images, continually striving for excellence and authenticity, forcing myself to grow and evolve and, above all, putting my entire heart into it.

So, enough of the deep and meaningful for now.

Here's a flashback. Earlier this year there was a comprehensive feature article about my work published in the French magazine Hérault Juridique and Economique (they have a distinct art focus). Of course it’s all in French but they have been very generous with the visuals as well.

So here it is, and if you would like to grab it in higher resolution there is a link to the PDF.

A très bientôt!

Warmly, Chris


Aerfeldt art Herault Juridique 2016 pg 1
Aerfeldt art Herault Juridique 2016
Aerfeldt Art Herault Juridique pg5
Aerfeldt_ Art_Herault_Juridique_2016
Aerfeldt Art Herault Jurudique 2016