Forced escape from the studio


When I am in studio mode, I'm in the 'zone', not in the mood to be interrupted.

I am sure you know the feeling - glaring at your partner with those 'don't disturb me' dragon eyes, breathing smoke, feeling like you inhabit your own private planet. Deadlines are approaching and the effort and intensity dials are turned up to maximum.

That was me last Friday. I had to be taken away kicking and screaming for some forced recreation.  

I am bundled into the car and we head off for a day and a half of sea air, driving the corniche around the Med, on the border of where France meets Spain.



Sounds idyllic? Yes, and no. The photos don't tell the story of my growing car sickness as I am whisked around curves to compete with Monte Carlo. It's OK if you are driving, getting into the groove, feeling like an F1 champion. It's not great if you are a passenger just trying to take a few snaps along the way.

No stopping at the rock terraced Banyuls vineyards this time, although we do wander along the shores at Cerbère and Port Bou.


Despite the nausea, I am forced to admit it was lovely, and yes, we should do it more. 

So the countdown to Cologne continues...

Two weeks and a bit. Only a few days of painting because works have to dry and be packed. And there's so much more to do.

And here's a peek at this week's progress - another tiny (40cm) tondo. 




I've still got a few tickets to the private opening if you would like to attend, so please send me a message. And if you're not going to be in Cologne, you are still invited to receive up to the minute updates straight to your inbox. Simply add your email address to the box at the top of this page.

PS: My German is not progressing! 

I have missed several days, but am determined to do better this week. Duolingo on my iPad was not in the mood to understand what I was saying to it (in English!) and I ended up shouting at my screen.  There has just been an update to fix some bugs, so I am hoping that this is one of them.