Reliving the past - scary nostalgia

Today was gallery set up day in Perpignan. No, I wasn't hanging artworks, but I was arranging my decorated spiked objects in a glass cabinet.


As a teenager I worked in my relatives' gift and hardware shop during school holidays.

 I dusted shelves and attractively arranged little objects for sale. Moving on to my early twenties, I spent a year in between studies in a high class jewellery and fine china shop, and again found myself dusting and arranging objects in glass cabinets. Several years later I was a retail manager, in charge of the jewellery and accessories division of a large department store. Once again I was dealing with objects displayed under glass.

 Now let me tell you that as a child I absolutely detested the ornaments we had at home in glass cabinets. It was not being allowed to touch these 'precious' (kitsch) items, and their innate uselessness that most annoyed me. There must be more to it than that, but it runs very deep.

So suddently finding myself confronted with another glass cabinet today, so many years later, was almost an out-of-body experience. I found myself acting on pure instinct, hardly allowing myself to think, and simply letting my body take over and do what was needed.

My spiked objects are partly a commentary on all of this personal history...


And here are a couple of sneak previews of the setting up process in the rest of the gallery.


I would love to see you at the opening, otherwise stay posted and you will be the first to see gallery images right here.